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Change Your Habits and Make Every Day Earth Day

Founded on April 22nd, 1970, Earth Day was started here in America to support environmental protection, but has since expanded into a global holiday and effort to sustain life on Earth. When thinking about all the environmental problems that plague our planet, sometimes environmental protection can seem like a daunting task, but there’s really no task too small you can make in an effort to be a better human on our planet.

Here are some small things you can do around you 1331 Maryland apartment on an every day basis that will contribute to making every day Earth Day.

  1. Turn Down your Energy Usage – Little things you’ve been hearing since you were a kid can actually make a big difference in not only your energy bill, but also out planet’s carbon footprint. Turn down the thermostat- and in summer, turn it up!
  2. Shop Mindfully – While Washington DC has no shortage of sustainably made product stores, there’s an even easier (and more affordable) way to shop mindfully and cut down on waste on our planet – shop second hand! Vintage and antiques stores are FULL of treasure that will look amazing in your apartment, and won’t contribute to the ever-growing waste problem that plagues our planet. For even more affordable options, check Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for great finds as well. And keep your eye out while walking the DC streets! Great things can put out on the curb all the time in the city.
  3. Use Less Water – While our apartment homes are already equipped with energy efficient-appliances and plumbing, there are more little habits you can form that will also cut down on water usage. Is it laundry day? Wait until you have a full load before you run the machine. Brushing your teeth? Turn the water off in between rinses. Hopping in the shower? Don’t leave the water running for a few minutes before you get in. Time to do the dishes? Fill up your dishwasher instead of doing dishes by hand. We hate to sound like your parents, but these little tips can make a big difference!

More more tips on how renters can make Earth-friendly impacts, read this list from Apartment Therapy.