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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Washington DC

While most Americans will be out downing tequila shots and chowing down on tacos this Cinco de Mayo, living in Washington DC gives us the privilege of being able to experience a different level of cultural awareness – though we definitely want in on the tequila and tacos too. 😉 For Cinco de Mayo this year, plan a visit to the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington DC.

Located in the a stunning historical mansion on 16th Street, the Mexican Cultural Institute was the Mexican Embassy until 1989 – Mexico’s diplomatic relations with the United States were conducted from this location for 69 years, making it a symbol of the bridges of understanding and friendship between the two neighboring countries. An architectural masterpiece in of itself, the three-story mural by Roberto Cueva del Río depicting some of Mexico’s more colorful traditions also provides a breathtaking backdrop to the grand entrance hall. Like many contemporary Mexican muralists, Cueva Del Río expresses his Mexican nationalism by portraying the uniqueness and diversity of Mexican culture, the dignity of ordinary Mexican men and women, the beauty of the Mexican countryside, the great events and heroes of Mexico’s long history, and the progress of modern Mexico.

The Mexican Cultural Institute is holding an all day event on Cinco de Mayo, starting with an oral history of the Battle of Puebla, a performance by the child’s choir of Puebla, and the opening of a virtual Mexican and Chicano art exhibit.

Located about 15 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, a visit to the Mexican Cultural Institute is the perfect way to honor this Mexican-American holiday.