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Got A Sweet Tooth? Here’s Where To Find Christmas Cookies Near Your 1331 Maryland Apartment

During the holiday season, many of us forget our diets for a few weeks and indulge in our favorite Christmas sweets like gingerbread, sugar cookies, crinkle cookies and more. So don’t feel guilty this month when you see those Christmas cookies in the windows of local bakeries – pop in for a bite!

These bakeries near your 1331 Maryland apartment have been cooking up your favorite Christmas cookies, all served in colorful tins that are perfect for gifts or just for yourself. They have a wide array of varieties, so you’re bound to find the cookie that’s perfect for your taste buds!

Fine Sweet Shoppe, located at 225 7th St SE, Washington, D.C. inside the Eastern Market which is 10 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, is a longstanding, family-owned bakery supplying cookies, pies and cupcakes, plus bagels and sandwiches.

Since 1960, the shop has become well-known for its quality and wide selection of items. Customer favorites include the black and white cookies, gingerbread and freshly baked croissants. Plus, it’s all inside the Eastern Market, which is Washington D.C.’s oldest continually operated fresh food public market.

Levain Bakery, located at 3131 M St NW, Washington, D.C. which is 13 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, is an airy, whitewashed-brick bakery that offers cookies, bread and sweet treats served with coffee and tea.

Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald created Levain Bakery in 1995 out of their passion for food, friendship and hard work. Competitive swimmers and triathletes, Pam and Connie passed their workouts by engaging in passionate conversations about baking, which inspired them to open a small bread shop in 1995, which they named Levain Bakery.

Fine Sweet Shoppe

225 7th St SE, Washington, D.C. 20003

(202) 543-9729

Levain Bakery

3131 M St NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

(202) 843-9340