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Eat Like The Presidents’ Do on Inauguration Day

As we all know, our backyard of Washington D.C.  is home to many important events, but there’s none quite as big as Inauguration Day. This year’s may look a little different, but with the show prepared for all of us as we watch from our 1331 Maryland TVs (and our windows!), it seems like it won’t be much quieter in our nation’s capital. What does one eat for an Inauguration Day celebration? Let’s turn to the stars of the day, our Commander-in-Chiefs! Here are just a few local Washington D.C. restaurants that our newest President has dined in over the years.

Le Diplomate – Much like our outgoing President, our new president is a big favorite of one particular American classic – a good burger. To the surprise of many (but not us locals) one of the best burgers in Washington D.C. is not actually at a hamburger joint, but at a French restaurant – le Diplomate! This 14th Street hotspot, just ten minutes away from your 1331 Maryland apartment, has hosted many VIPs here over the years. However, President #46 has been spotted here quite a few times over his many years in our city. You can get your own Biden burger if you order through DoorDash (also known as the burger Americain.)

Café Milano – Like many Americans, there’s another American food staple our newest President also loves – pizza! Spotted at many Washington D.C. pizza places over the years, there’s one Italian restaurant that keeps him coming back for more (as well as many other politico VIPs). Café Milano is known was “Washington’s place to see and be seen” but for us locals, it’s just a place to get good food. We can take advantage of their To-Go menu, a paired down menu that still has many of your favorites. It’s perfect to order and take back to your 1331 Maryland apartment as you watch the new President be sworn in on January 20th.


Le Diplomate

1601 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009


Café Milano

3251 Prospect St NW, Washington, DC 20007