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On The Hunt For Thanksgiving Pies? Check Out These Washington, D.C. Bakeries

After a savory Thanksgiving meal, there’s nothing like a sweet apple, blueberry or pumpkin pie to finish off the evening. But as we all know, baking a pie is no easy task! That’s why this Thanksgiving, you can leave baking to the experts and get your pie from a local bakery.

These Washington, D.C. bakeries know just what it takes to make the perfect Thanksgiving pie, and it’s a lot more than some flour and sugar. Call or email these bakeries to place your order, and no one has to be the wiser as to where you got your delicious pie from.

Nino’s Bakery, located at 1310 L St NW #100, Washington, D.C. which is 10 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, is a warm, laid-back bakery serving French and Italian pastries, pies, sweets and locally roasted coffee.

Nino’s Bakery is named after the owners’ beloved dachshund Nino. They have limited daily production to ensure quality and freshness, and to minimize their environmental impact through food waste. They also do not use artificial preservatives in any of their products.

Fine Sweet Shoppe, located at 225 7th St SE, Washington, D.C. which is eight minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, is a long-standing, family-owned bakery supplying cookies, pies and cupcakes, plus bagels and sandwiches.

A family-owned bakery and deli, the Fine Sweet Shoppe has been located within the Eastern Market since 1960. The shop has become well-known for its quality and wide selection of items. Customer favorites include the black and white cookies, gingerbread, pies, and freshly baked croissants.

Nino’s Bakery

1310 L St NW #100, Washington, D.C. 20005

(202) 597-5207

Fine Sweet Shoppe

225 7th St SE, Washington, D.C. 20003

(202) 543-9729