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Celebrate Rosh Hashanah With Traditional Eats Thanks To These Bakeries

From Sept. 25 through Sept. 27, one of Judaism’s holiest times will be celebrated when the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah – falls on the calendar. During the two-day event, those who practice love to indulge in sweet foods that will hopefully attract a sweet coming year.

If you’re heading to a Rosh Hashanah celebration, you’ll likely find items like challah (bread shaped into spirals), honey cake and more on the table. Want to join in with traditional eats? These Jewish food institutions near your 1331 Maryland apartment can help you do just that.

A Baked Joint, located at 430 K St NW, Washington, D.C. which is 10 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, is a large, airy bakery and cafe that serves gourmet sandwiches, toasts and more, including challah.

Their bread is handmade on-site and baked daily using organic wheat and a long, naturally leavened fermentation process to bring out the maximum flavor and nutrition out of the grain. They also mix everything by hand.

Rise Bakery, located at 2409 18th St NW, Washington, D.C. which is 12 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, is a simple, second-story townhouse bakery specializing in gluten-free and vegan sweets, cakes and breads, which is perfect if you’re looking for traditional Jewish eats for a gluten-free family member or friend.

Rise Bakery provides a one-of-a-kind gluten-free experience with an expansive menu of baked goods. They set themselves apart from other gluten-free bakeries by catering to specialty diets without sacrificing taste, texture or richness. They craft all of their pastries by hand in small batches using premium ingredients.

A Baked Joint

430 K St NW, Washington, D.C. 20001

(202) 408-6985

Rise Bakery

2409 18th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20009

(202) 525-5204