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Shop Eco-Friendly this Earth Day and Every Day at this Washington D.C. Business

Every April 22nd since the 1970s, the world gathers to celebrate Earth Day and promote the well-being and health of our home planet. While much attention has been brought to the importance of green living in the past few years, many people are still unsure on how they can easily incorporate eco-friendly and green habits into their everyday living. It’s easier now than ever to use eco-friendly products and be more mindful where you spend your money.

Here’s a local store you can shop at that promotes green living every day of the year, and not just on Earth Day.

Mason and Green – Located just across the river in Old Town Alexandria, less than 15 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, Mason and Green is a grocery and dry goods store that looks to the past for how to manage our sustainable future.  Mason & Green’s is the place to find new products packaged in an old way. They are here to help you facilitate an eco-friendly life and to help move past the throw away culture that has polluted our lives and our planet. At this local green store, no plastics are ever used and al packaging items are meant to be reused or biodegradable. They are the only plastic-free delivery business in our area. Constantly on the hunt for products that are plastic-free and sustainably sourced, you’ll find everything you need at this general store, from your cleaning products to your fresh bread.