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Get a Bite of the Season with a Washington DC Apple Cider Donut

October may be all about the pumpkins, but if one food could sum up September, it’s the apple. Is there any fruit more American than the apple? Apple pie, apple cider, candy apples and of course, apple donuts. While our nations’ capitol may not be full of apple orchards, there are plenty of apple farms right outside of the Washington DC city limits. However, the apple orchards are not for everyone and we understand if you want to skip the farm and get to the best part – the apple cider donuts! Lucky for us, Washington DC has some great apple cider donut options without ever having to step foot on a farm.

Check out some of this local eatery for an apple cider donut this fall.

District Doughnut – The brainchild of pastry chef Christine, District Doughnut takes no short cuts when it comes to making a “better doughnut.” With doughnuts, pastry creams, glazes, jams and ganaches all made from scratch, every day their menu serves up nine gourmet options for America’s favorite breakfast pastry. It’s no surprise that the star of their fall menu is a gourmet twist on the apple cider donut. Stop by their location at the Wharf, just a few minutes from 1331 Maryland, for their apple cider cake donut with an apple cider glaze.


District Doughnut

The Wharf

5 Market Square SW

Washington DC, 20024


For even more cider donuts, check out some of the vendors on this list selling from our local Washington DC Farmers’ Markets.