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These Washington DC Seafood Boil Restaurants Offer a Taste of the Big Easy

We may be used to white tablecloths at our Washington DC restaurants, but in the South, foodies love to dig in – especially at seafood boils, where seafood is cooked in a large pot with seasonings before being dumped on tables for diners to eat with their hands!

Here in Washington DC, you can get a taste of this delicious seafood tradition at our restaurants specializing in seafood boils straight from the South. At these eateries, choose from crab legs, clams, shrimp and more and prepare for a full stomach.

Crab Boss, located at 1001 H St NE, Washington, DC which is 13 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, is an unassuming eatery fixing up crab cakes, lobster, seafood boils, catfish and more, plus canned cocktails.

The Crab Boss was born in 2015 by Lenell Watson and his wife Ashleigh Watson. From their home kitchen in Bowie, Maryland, they would cook up an array of different Cajun seafood dishes. They took pictures of the dishes and posted them on social media, advertising them for sale. What started as a means to supplement Lenell’s loss of income from being laid off quickly became the local talk of the town, which eventually allowed them to launch their own restaurant.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish, located at 2651 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC which is 14 minutes from your 1331 Maryland apartment, is a casual, hands-on joint for Cajun crawfish, shrimp and lobster with a choice of seasonings and spices.

Founders Tim and Laina loved Las Vegas and the amazing culinary diversity and entertainment that the city is known for, but they noticed it lacked one thing they loved – crawfish! So, they decided to create their own seafood boil restaurant there, and since then they have opened many other locations throughout the U.S., including one in Washington DC.

Crab Boss

1001 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

(202) 813-3463

Hot N Juicy Crawfish

2651 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

(202) 299-9448